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Frequently Asked Questions

1) My daughter is five years old. Will she be able to attend children's Quran Hifz classes.

We cater for the needs of our community and enrol children as young as 4 years old. 

2) I want to enroll my son for pre-hifth courses. Do you provide text books?

We have all the course materials in the office. You will need to buy them before the course starts.

3) What happens if a child is ill and wasn't able to attend couple of lessons? Do you make up for missed classes?

Yes the teacher who is responsible for the classes will give your child all the nessesary inrofmation which has been missed and guide throu the homework InshaAllah.

4) How many children are allowed in each class?

Each class's size is different. the average is about 20 students per instructor. We try to keep the classes small so that each child gets most attention of the teacher.

5) How many days in a week do you hold Quran classes?

We have classes Saturday to Wednesday every week. Full time students are required to attend five days a week. Part-time students are required to attend at least two days per week. each class lasts four hours.  For more information please contact us on 615-