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25 February 2016
Madrasah-New York Qur'an Competition

On February, 20th, Alfarooq's madrasah had participated a Qur'an contest held in Brooklyn, NY hosted by Central Islamic Org.

The madrash sent 12 students accompanied by 2 instructors, Abdullahi Osman and abdillahi Mahad

Nashville won 7 positions out of 12. We won first positions on all the catogories including the first position for the entrire quran, won by Ahmed Bashir.

Here ar the names of the Winners:

Ahmed Bashir
Zubair Ibrahim
Yunus Bashir
Mohamed Keri
Ayuub Farah
Adnan busuri

Beautiful voice Maashaa Allah.

Posted by Abdillahi Mahad on Thursday, February 25, 2016



Here is a quirky scene: Toward the end of this contest they announced that there was a draw. All thought that the draw was between two guys from two different madrasahs; turns out, they were from this same madrasah. Ayub Farah and Mohamed Keri. Well done guys!!! #BrooklynQuranContest

Posted by Masjid Alfarooq Nashville on Monday, February 22, 2016