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23 October 2019
Alfarooq Masjid Undergoing Relocation

An Urgent Appeal

Al Farooq Now:

  • We have 550 students who come and study throughout the week.

  • We have an excess of 100 on the waiting list and no more space for new classes despite increasingly high demand.


  • Our students have attended and excelled in Quran competitions both in the United States and abroad – going on to bring home first place prizes in the Kuwait International Quran Competition or the Dubai International Competition.


  •  We produce future Imams for the community. Already two of our students graduated from Madina who already serving as Imams in Masajids in US.


  • Our community has outgrown our current location; our parking lot is becoming dangerous and we can’t longer use our neighbor’s parking as we did in the past.


  • There is a one-way road in front of the center where cars pass by going at least 45mph creating a dangerous situation for everyone as they try to leave.


AL Farooq Future Location.


The Boys and Girls Club on 67 Thompson Lane has almost 14 acres of land, more than 12 classrooms,  a huge indoor basketball gym,  indoor swimming pool, a large cafeteria, two levels of classrooms,  a large basement,  a large reception area,  two large soccer fields, a baseball field, a playground for kids, an enormous parking lot, and an industrial kitchen.

Financial report

  • Inspection completed successfully and no major issues were reported.


  • We have paid a $100,000 non-refundable down payment to hold the building for us.


We are aiming to close on the place by Nov 15th InshAllahu Tala.

  • Purchase price $2,050,000.00

  • AL Farooq’s assets have been valued at $1,400,000.00 with an offer on the table.

  • Collected So far from our community   $ 415,000.00

  • Renovation phase One: is $375,000.00 (To start the place operate)

  • Phase two $400,000.00 (We will do it later in the future)

  • We are in urgent need to close by or before November 15th which will require $300,000 and $375,000 immediately after for renovation.


InshAllahu Tala, this project will happen for our community with the help of Allah and then with your help.  We have so far a commitment from 34 centers around US to support this project with everything possible.  We will contact the leaders for follow up in a couple of days.


Our Contact information

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