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Hifth Classes

Welcome to the education corner of Al-Farooq Islamic Center. The center consist two main gatogaries: Madrasah and Home School. Madrasah includes Pre-Hifth and Hith classes for children as well as adults. we have over 10 classes for Qur'an learning taught by a team of dedicated brothers and sisters who will help your child to Memorize Qur'an by heart. Each student will be given an utmost care, attention and help InshaAllah. Those classes consist full time classes (Saturday-Wednesday) and part-time classes (weekends). this is done for the muslim community to teach qur'an to their youngsters according to their schedule and plan. For enrollement details, please contact the director, 615-313-8844.

More information about each class could be found by visiting their respective pages from the left side menu of the page.

Hifth Course Taught by Ummu Abdulqani
Teacher: Ummu Abdiqani, Ummu Abdiqani
Cost: Contact the Office
Hifth Class taught by Mu'alimah Ummu Ahmed
Teacher: Ummu Ahmed
Cost: Contact the Office
Hifth Class by Mu'alim Abdulbari Sharif
Teacher: Abdulbari Sharif
Hifth Class by Mu'alim Abdullahi Ali
Teacher: Abdullahi Ali
Cost: Contact the Office
Hifth Class Taught by Mu'alim Said Duale.
Start Date: 01/01/2009
End Date: 01/01/2025
Teacher: Said Duale
Cost: Varies