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Pre-Hifth Class by Macalin Mohamed Lacag

Time: 4p-8p sat-wed
Teacher: Mohamed Lacag
Cost: Varies
Location/Room: Masjid alfarooq

Course decription

This is one of the pre-hifth courses in our Center. This class will introduce students to the Arabic language; this will cover recognition of the Arabic alphabet, recognition of letters beginning, middle and end, pronunciation, introduction to reading and writing, and connecting arabic phrases; Students who master this level will cover the following topics:

  • Alphabet Recognition
  • Arabic letters joining
  • Pronunciation
  • Writing Arabic
  • Reading Arabic

Al-Farooq is honored to have Mu'alim Mohamed Thabit. Mualim Mohamed teaches combination of fulltime and parttime courses. His classes are diverse interms of gender, rank, and ethnicity. Full time class is Saturday to Wednesday 3pm to 7pm; parttime class is weekends 8am to 12 pm. 

Even though these pre-hifth classes are mainly established to teach students the basics, they also cover Qur'an memorization through the first couple Juzes/chapters. 

By the time students have completed this course, they will be ready to advance to a full Hifth class.