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Due to community growth, we are in the process of buying a 3.14 acres on 67 Thompson Lane, past home of Boys & Girls' Club.

Qur'an Graduation Ceremeny will be held on 10/26/19

Two new students, Mohamed and Hanan Yusuf (siblings) have recently completed Qur'an

May Allah have mercy on Hassan Hussein

Alfarooq Soccer Club takes a trip to Atlanta, GA

Eid -ul-Fitr: Tuesday June 4th, 2019

Adnan comes top three at Kuwait Qur'an Contest

Adnan Busuri wins first position in MAS-ICNA's Qur'an Competition

Alfarooq Dominates Quran Contest held in Minnesota

Asalaamu Alaykoum, Sh. Khalid Yasin will be spending the weekend (Feb. 23-25) in Nashville, Tennessee at Masjid Alfarooq Nashville in the United States.

Abdiqani Mustafa, along other Alfarooq students, had won top prizes

Today all our Islamic center leaders met with our Mayor, Megan Barry, along with two of her directors, Venessa Lazon (Director of office of New America ) and Lonnel Mathews (director of office of Neighborhoods and community Engagement). We discussed a lot of issues including challenges and opportun

On saturday April 9th Masjid al Farooq Will host a ceremony for Alfarooq Teachers; appreciation for their hard work and Dedication. Everybody is invited to this event and please invite your freinds

We are plased to announce that Ahmed Bashir and Abdiqani Mustafa had won the first and second place for the entire quran competition, respectively. As announced, the first place position winner will be a rewarded an Umrah ticket.

On February, 20th, Alfarooq's madrasah had participated a Qur'an contest held in Brooklyn, NY hosted by Central Islamic Org. 7 students had won 7 positions out, including first position for the entire Quran Ahmed Bashir Zubair Ibrahim Yunus Bashir Mohamed Keri Saabir Ayuub Farah Adnan busu

40 people of students and parents (both genders) are participating the MAS-ICNA convention at Chicago, IL. There will be a Qur'an competition and other great events. The program starts this Friday and ends Monday 28th, 2015

Sh. Abdulhakim Mohamed will be with us this thanksgiving weekend. time is after maqrib. Saturday and Sunday

The North American Council of Somali Imams is holding their annual convention in Nashville, Tn The lectures will start Friday May 22 in the Masjid. Weekend lectures will be held on Glincliff High School. Times are 4-9pm. Languages include Somali and English. Food and Drinks will be served as well.


There will be a series of lectures starting Dec. 25th thru Dec. 28th.

One of our students had recently completed the Qur'an cover to cover. As we had promised to all parents, we will have a ceremony for each child once their time is up. Please come and celebrate with us for this accomplishment achieved by Selma Ali on this Saturday after Maqrib at Alfarooq Masjid. Tha

Continuation of ONE CHILD AT A TIME project. This is Mohamed bashir and Ayub Farah quran completion ceremony held in alfarooq on May 2014.

There will be several lectures broadcasting in Al-Farooq Mosque during the Memorial Weekend. The first lecture starts Friday after Maqrib (8:15 pm). The lecture is in English Language.

Mohamed Bashir Completed Learning The Book of Allah (Qur'an Al-Karim)

Cadnaan Abdulqadir Busuri had completed learning the Qur'an by heart.

Kaniisad loo badalaayo Masjid