Al-Farooq Islamic Center Al-Farooq Islamic Center
24 Jummaad-Uth-Thaani, 1441
1421 4th Ave South Nashville, TN. 37210
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Mosque Organization

The´╗┐ Masjid itself has got two floors. On the first floor there is a large Main Hall for prayers which can easily accommodate around couple hundred worshippers at any one time. In addition there is an educational classroom and an Islamic library in the same floor. The Upper floor holds the ladies section which accommodates up to 100 women; as well as provides extra separate classes and offices for educational purposes. Recent expansions have being made to establish a Qur'anic School/Madrasah for the Center. The building next to the masjid was a church before the Masjid bought, renovated, and turned into a Madrasah at the end of 2012. The building is divided into separate classes, offices, computer/media room, and a large hall area which used for community meetings, classes for visitors to teach about Islam and Muslims, and other activities. As a center for education and youth, the Masjid holds a large group of youngsters who mainly learn Qur'an memorization and Islamic teaching courses. There are full-time and Part-time Qur'anic classes for people of all ages. The center is also a home for Al-Farooq Home School, a pre-K to 8th grade school whose mission is to produce generation of Muslims with strong Islamic background and academically equipped to succeed and advance into higher education. Other services include the five regular prayer services, including the Friday Jum'ah prayer and lectures; marriage counseling; funeral services; special occasion services such as Ramadan and Eid; and many other communices