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Al Farooq Home School is proud to inform all parents who are interested to enroll their children in an Islamic environment with excellence in academic to contact the Al-Farooq Islamic Center. The Home School is Accepting Application from Pre-k Through 8th Grade for the fall semester of 2014.

OPEN ENROLLMENT: School Year 2014–2015: 

The Open Enrollment period begins Monday, July 23, 2014, and continues through Friday, August 16, 2014.

 Call: School Director  At : 615-512-7593  

 Or Imaam: Sh. Abdulrahman: 615-335-2799

Can you picture your children or loved ones growing up in an environment with fornication, disobedience, vandalism, and drugs? Surely, it is hard for any parent to raise their children in such an environment, especially if you are a Muslim. You’re not alone. We are here to help those who are in need of help. Allah (swt) has blessed our Masjid with scholars and “pious, righteous” people who are willing to guide those who need assistance in any matter.

Our Mission:

mission is to produce a generation of Muslims who:
Have a strong Islamic moral character with Islamic studies and the memorization of Quran. Interact with community and make friends within an Islamic frame of network. To build the foundation to become a well respected community leaders. are academically equipped to succeed and excel in standardized examinations.


Al-Farooq Home School                                  

1617 Nolensville PK

Nashville TN 37210


Contact Information:

Barre Yogol. 615-512-7593;

Imaam: Sh. Abdulrahman: 615-335-2799



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